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About Me

assalamualaikum, hai kawan-kawan sekelian alam :)

call me faryn, or dokter faryn, whichever one you prefer. i was born in kuala lumpur but was raised in kluang, johore. the eldest out of 5 siblings.

my big family

bersekolah rendah di sek ren keb batu 3 kluang (1990-92) dan sek keb kg melayu kluang (1993-94), lepas tu sambung kat sek men sains muzaffar syah melaka (MOZAC Batch 95-99). did my matriculation at Kolej Matrikulasi Londang and completed my MBBS in Melaka-Manipal Medical College (9th Batch).

i'm a doctor, hence the name. but i'm living my life to the fullest as a devoted wife and mom to my beloved syg, and  two lovely daughters (so far), Nur 'Aina HanaNur Azalea Hana.

my beloved family ; syg, me and my cik puans  :)

worked at GH Melaka for almost 8 years with experience in Obstetric & Gynaecology Department (as a medical officer) for 6years+.
but at this moment, i am happily practicing as a general practitioner in Klinik Jamaliah (which happens to be my mum's), located in kluang, johore. weeeee ;)

dokter faryn

i'm not really good with words, tapi aku suka gila membebel. bear in mind, my way of writing is exactly the way i converse. and patients love me because i'm a damn good listener. *ok perasan*. HAHA. aku jenis yang straight forward. very emotional especially when it involves family matters. cengeng. yes, that's the word. hehe.

love reading. and collecting best seller/popular books is my passion.
can't say no to coffee.
shopping is my weakness.
and movies too...
yes, in that particular order. hehehe.

so here's a glimpse of my (extra)ordinary life.


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